About FRPT

About FRPT


FRPT: New Horizon in Therapy and Treatment

FRPT 2022 will be the second multidisciplinary forum for the latest research on FLASH and Particle Therapy.

FLASH Radiotherapy:

FLASH Radiotherapy is a rapidly developing area that has the potential to revolutionize the future of cancer treatment. It delivers high doses of radiation at ultra-high dose rates, several orders of magnitude higher than those conventionally used.

This produces a phenomenon known as the FLASH effect, which appears to reduce the normal tissue damage during FLASH Radiotherapy while still retarding tumour growth and thus the prospect maintaining local tumour control.

Particle Therapy:

Particle Therapy is one of the most advanced form of radiotherapy (RT). By using protons or heavier particle beams it can be used ion to treat patients with malignant or non-malignant tumours, especially those which are difficult to treat by more conventional means as it limits irradiation to surrounding normal “healthy” tissues which can lead to reduced adverse side-effects and a smaller chance of radiation induced secondary malignancies in later life (which makes proton therapy in particular very useful in the treatment of paediatric tumours).

The FRPT Conference:

FRPT looks to build a worldwide organisation of scientists and professionals interested in FLASH Radiotherapy using protons, electrons, heavier charged ions and photons.

We will bring together researchers and students with professionals working in clinical oncology (clinicians, medical physicists, dosimetrists, radiotherapy technologists, and nurses) and industry, and provide a multidisciplinary forum  to discuss the latest developments in FLASH Radiotherapy.

FRPT goes from basic science, through preclinical research and combines these with translational applications and clinical trials and treatment.

Throughout the conference, we will discuss all modalities related to FLASH-RT with the best international experts in the field: clinical trials, protocols, mechanism, new horizons and more. Participants will get access to the very latest progress on FLASH clinical devices, Metrology and dose monitoring, treatment planning systems, modeling, physio-chemistry, biological mechanisms, preclinical studies and clinical trials.

The ultimate goal of FRPT is to harness the potential for FLASH Radiotherapy in a rigorous scientific and quality assured environment and to act as a forum for the very latest advancements in this rapidly developing field.

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