FRPT 2021 Published Abstracts

FRPT 2021 Published Abstracts

All abstracts presented at FRPT 2021 (including invited speaker abstracts) are published in a supplement of the Physica Medica Journal.

All the supplement contents are openly available with free access for everyone interested until 1 June 2022.

After 1 June 2022, the supplement will continue to be available to all journal subscribers and anyone with institutional access to ScienceDirect (through their university, library, organization, etc.).

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How to browse the abstracts

All the FRPT 2021 abstracts are published on the Journal website – individually searchable and downloadable. To explore and download the abstracts you are interested in:

  • Visit the dedicated supplement page
  • Explore the list of abstracts (1), or search for specific topics or authors (2)
  • When you find the abstract you are interested in, you can either (3) click on its title to preview the content or (4) directly download the abstract
  • You can also select multiple abstracts by clicking on the box next to their titles (5) and apply the action on all of them at once – e.g. download all selected (6)
Explore the Abstracts

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